Adult Twins, Separated at Birth, Have Emotional Reunion Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Oct 3, 2018

  • Inspired by the documentary "Three Identical Strangers," Michele Mordkoff and Allison Kanter discover they are twins and have an emotional reunion on camera. Read more: "Two Identical Strangers" was directed by Tim Wardle. Courtesy of Neon, it is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.


  • The Atlantic
    The Atlantic 1 week ago

    Check out our other story "Identical Twins Who Look Nothing Alike:"

  • Salmo Ali
    Salmo Ali 7 months ago

    I think there should be a law forbidding twins to be separated. Maybe even siblings in general but I know that'll make them harder to find a family willing to take in more than one. Overall a very sad dilemma.

  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada 4 months ago

    Just think of all the people BEFORE social media was around...who never got the chance to meet their biological family members.

  • Victoria Katherine
    Victoria Katherine 2 months ago

    I wish there was a law where you couldn't separate twins, or multiple birth siblings. So cruel.

  • miso mercy
    miso mercy 4 months ago

    They both chose the same type of outfit to meet in , boxy tank-like shirts, and synthetic material bottoms. I found that interesting.

  • Rita Parker
    Rita Parker 4 months ago

    A friend and her husband have adopted 3 siblings. They adopted their son, then 2 years later the adoption agency called and said the mother was expecting again were they interested in adopting...yes. 2 years later another call from the adoption agency. Now they have 3 siblings, and it has been a blessing for the children to be raised together. They actually have the same biological father and mother....and God bless the adoption agency for keeping them together.

  • elyb
    elyb 4 months ago

    They are very similar in their style of clothing and hair style, the sound alike and walk alike.

  • milan
    milan 4 months ago

    I am a identical twin iam 44 and lost my bother at birth but in my heart I no something is missing

  • global.001
    global.001 1 month ago

    Kind of need a follow up. Did they end up clicking and building a life together? So sad they were separated.

  • Lauren Pistey
    Lauren Pistey 2 months ago

    my 8th grade math teacher and her sister adopted 6 siblings so they wouldn’t have to separate them ❤️

  • Gogsi T.
    Gogsi T. 1 month ago (edited)

    Their face and voice remind me so much of Janice from Friends😂 especially the blonder twin

  • Mike M
    Mike M 4 months ago

    Wow!!,The taller of the 2 guys that was her son's looked excatley like the aunt!!

  • Barbie Kat
    Barbie Kat 4 months ago

    People have posted that they must be fraternal twins rather than identical. What is twisted and deplorable is that those comparisons were EXACTLY the type of information the horrible people behind this evil plot (to separate twins) were wanting to gather on them! “Nature vs nurture”... They actually look like they could have possibly been identical but obviously they don’t appear to be that now. Which could have to do with how they were raised too. Their nutrition, life stressors , socioeconomic and just the overall lifestyle that they were raised in could have had a major impact on their growth and physical and psychological development.

  • stargazer0480
    stargazer0480 4 months ago

    I know exactly how this family feels. I took my mum back to Scotland for her forst trip in 51 years. I got to witness her meeting her sister and cousins.... it's truly an amazing and emotional experience.

  • Christina Nomee
    Christina Nomee 4 months ago

    As a mother of twins, this made me cry...I could not imagine them without each other. I’m sorry this happened to u. I hope u chicks can recover some of the love u missed out on.

  • tt
    tt 4 months ago

    my mom found her sister last year. they didn't know the other existed. 71 years old! crazy

  • Gayle Geer
    Gayle Geer 4 months ago

    So precious! I thank God for bringing these twins together...for the rest of their lives. 3

  • Daniel McKinney
    Daniel McKinney 4 months ago

    I lost a friend of mine from an arson fire back in 1998 he was a twin. His name is Michael Minger I talk with his family every year since I aged during the holidays. He use to save me from the bullies and I believe my guardian angel had reminded me to stay observant and vigilant in the Holy Spirit. In this world we are not strangers it's a solution how God tested everyone to remember who they are really young ? We changed.

  • Christopher Rivera
    Christopher Rivera 4 months ago

    Such pretty ladies!! I'm sad for them not knowing each other all their lives!! My best friends are twins! They tell me about how one thinks something and the other says it! Kristen Rivera

  • beth 9891
    beth 9891 4 months ago (edited)

    It must be so overwhelming. Feelings of loss, joy, nervousness, anger, confusion. ....hope they can develop a connection after all that time. My brother is adopted and had a twin brother but his birth mom gave his brother to a couple privately and left him at the orphanage. We gave tried tracking him down but due to the distance, language (Philippines vs Canada ) and time have not had any success do far. It breaks my heart as I know he wonders what it would have been like to grow up with his twin.