Advice for Virgins and Sexually Inexperienced Men Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Nov 28, 2018

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  • Alexander Rodriguez
    Alexander Rodriguez 5 months ago

    It's a sad world Rom. I am one of those inexperienced men (virgin at 26). Im tall, good looking nice style, got females choosing me, yet never had that male example to learn how to deal with females and life in general in the right way. Never had an OG to look up to in real life. The worst was when I worked at a retail store with 90% women.

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price 5 months ago

    Use a dime to get a few dollars. Powerful line right there.

  • braylon dailey
    braylon dailey 5 months ago

    Don’t be friends with ugly women this is 100% true I can vouch for that one ✊🏾

  • Lord Banzai
    Lord Banzai 5 months ago

    Real talk!

  • China Town
    China Town 5 months ago (edited)

    I'm 20, muscular, people say I'm handsome. I just love being alone and I don't like having many friends, that's my problem.

  • P. Banton, Jr.
    P. Banton, Jr. 5 months ago (edited)

    Big facts Uncle Rom! I remember as I was heading into high school years ago my pops good friend told me not to be chasing these girls around like I was crazy. Lol! I was instructed to keep a couple cuties around as friends, study buddies or whatever. Remain calm, cool and collected and let the chips fall. It started off a little slow but was some of the best advice I received as a child. Great content as always G.

  • dsetgetatme
    dsetgetatme 5 months ago

    You gotta meet with a lot of women nowadays... That's one thing I learned in order to get your foot in the door with women. Cant just talk to the same 2 or 3 women you've known for years.

  • Steven S
    Steven S 5 months ago

    For me if I'm not feeling myself (no haircut, looking slump etc) then she won't feel me. When I do feel myself there is a glow around me and I'll have a better chance... I just need to get out of my head and stop over thinking... I've noticed that if she is 7 and there is something very unique about her I get all nervous and shit (ex. She likes anime). Let's say she is a 9 and there is nothing interesting about her I can talk shit to her any day

    BGS IBMOR 5 months ago

    Solid advice... For Free... LoL

  • RedMag
    RedMag 5 months ago

    Rom ain’t never lie.

  • Gene Flowers
    Gene Flowers 5 months ago (edited)

    Hands down my favorite video! It's common sense, but it's always good to hear. I'm already a friendly dude so I can't be far off the mark. Yet another great video...

  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire 5 months ago (edited)

    WOW Rom u pretty much told my life story in a 14 min video , now i need to apply the information u gave and use it💪🏾

  • Ellis Jackson
    Ellis Jackson 5 months ago

    Rom is so higher level that he advises non-selects to intentionally put themselves in the friends zone and use it to their advantage lol... It's almost like you're trolling them but you're not.

  • C4Zero
    C4Zero 5 months ago (edited)

    Get friendzone on purpose? 🤔 Hmm that's different Rom usually that doesn't end well for the guy.

  • Cammel Hurse
    Cammel Hurse 5 months ago

    OMG been telling homies this since 2011 or 2012 back in my high school days, If you want fine/bad girls/women. Then become friends with some, they're your bait to catch equal or more attractive ones and if anything you will learn how to at least figure them out. The guys without any female friends and girlfriends were telling me I was crazy, now when I see them their trying to stop their woman/ lady friends from smiling/snaring too hard at me lol!!! But I really like how you layed it out , definitely great advice... but the ending had me dying tho lol!!! Straight facts!! Uncle Rom!!

  • Skrrrt Cobain
    Skrrrt Cobain 5 months ago

    22 years old and I fall into the "never kissed a girl" camp. At this point, the number one hurdle for me is my own apathy. Dating's confused and frustrated me so much since adolescence that I just don't think the will is there anymore despite the obvious biological's hell. I wish I could just stop desiring sex tbh

  • zein albasam
    zein albasam 5 months ago

    I'm the opposite of you room,I act super serious around attractive women and i think it scares them away plus I have a mug face which makes me look hostile.

    FLY ONE 5 months ago

    I’m always careful around unattractive women, they will take out there frustrations on guys that have regular conversation - deep game - I find the flaws in dimes to keep them in check

  • YoungGeezer_
    YoungGeezer_ 5 months ago

    I highkey been stacking up on my female friends

  • Mr. LBN
    Mr. LBN 5 months ago

    What should a man do if he's nearing 26 and has never been laid, going to school full time, and doesn't really go out, and doesn't have genuine friends? I get looked at a lot by women, but I never really go out (lack of money, no social circle and confidence). By the time I start making okay money I'll be 27.