African-Americans Are A Big Threat To American Society - And Here's Why [Part Two] Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Apr 24, 2018

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  • Dane Calloway
    Dane Calloway 1 year ago

    I totally understand just how critical this truthful information is, when it comes to what really happened in America during this time period. So yes there is a part three to this segment, and it will be published here shortly, along with a few other documentaries I wrote and produced recently. By the way, the timing gaps between releases is due to me having to wait for licenses to clear for use...ever since YT changed its policies. I will be caught up to my regular release schedule here very soon though. Thank you all for your much appreciated support, and also thank you all for watching!

  • NabiNada 13
    NabiNada 13 1 year ago

    Your time and energy is very much appreciated.

  • millyionnnn
    millyionnnn 1 year ago

    This is why they always want you to forget the past. Not for your sake but for theirs. They don't want you digging up all the lies and killings and deceit that they did and still perpetuate to this very day.

  • Original American
    Original American 1 year ago

    This is that fire you can't put out

  • Nicholas Hebert
    Nicholas Hebert 1 year ago

    The invisible prison is falling.......they cannot stop consciousness. In the words of OutKast........vibrate higher. It's all in the mind

  • Honey Baby
    Honey Baby 1 year ago (edited)

    Integration was a mind game. They needed our money to not capitalise amongst our own. They needed us, and made it out like they didn't.

  • BraveHawk334
    BraveHawk334 1 year ago

    BANG. ON. THE. BEAST!! Time to rise up WARRIORS! Rise up ANCIENT ONES!! Rise up ABORIGINES! Rise up INDIANS!!!

  • Derrick Walton
    Derrick Walton 1 year ago

    it time for black to stand together and stop being afraid.

  • Ms. Andreon Johnson

    I never clicked so fast!!

  • Chosen Flock
    Chosen Flock 1 year ago (edited)

    Keep bringing that real

  • Pamela Robinson
    Pamela Robinson 1 year ago

    Black Wall Street and others

  • Xavier Knox
    Xavier Knox 1 year ago

    i just want my people free

  • Tarik Warren
    Tarik Warren 1 year ago

    Why is this vid giving chills

  • Jazz
    Jazz 1 year ago

    Back at it again with the knowledge! Thank you for the jewels.

  • Damon Cross
    Damon Cross 1 year ago

    Truth is the threat we are its messenger

  • Chika YourFavoriteBBW

    I've been waiting for this! ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ­č嬭čĆŻÔťŐ­čĆŻ

  • The Aincent One
    The Aincent One 1 year ago

    Now we've got to redistribute the pain ,(economic)pain to the big corporations by economic withdrawal, that's what they're afraid of brother dane,and we can't stop now,we've got to show them where the power is

  • Black Analogy
    Black Analogy 1 year ago

    They know it's coming, that's why they attack us at every turn! Oh it's coming...you better believe it!

  • Derrick Phillips
    Derrick Phillips 1 year ago

    Teach Dane!!!

  • Christopher Williams

    Thank you Dane your a positive individual with truth.