After burning the mosque in America, it became a terrible thing. Your hair will be thorn! Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Oct 13, 2018

  • After burning the mosque in America, it became a terrible thing. Your hair will be thorn! What we don't know normally scares us. There are many events that cannot be explained on the world and that challenge logic. Everything that cannot be explained has a scientific and logical explanation. Some of the events give rise to our hairs and sometimes make our souls feel uncomfortable. Do you believe that paranormal phenomena can happen if there are extraordinary beings in the world? You can share your answer with us in the comments section. To subscribe to the channel: https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCsIU ... Popular Videos; ► 5 things you should never do in the gym: https://www.kisa.link/7umn ► Clever child capturing the giant snake, trapping: https://www.kisa.link/7uMr ► Amazing dogs protecting their owners: https://www.kisa.link/7uMF ► 5 movies forbidden to watch: https://www.kisa.link/7uMI You can follow me, do not hesitate social media accounts; Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/muhammedztr... is You can send me messages for job interviews, advertising, sponsorship, copyright issues, requests and complaints. I Saglammertyigit@Gmail.co Resource Sites I use (line.do, wikipedia.org, future.wikia.com, faturetimeline.net, humanknowledge.net, preceden.com, youtube.com, onedio.com, webtekno.com) Music: Incompetech.com I share the world's most epic events in the Kalsın channel under the categories of knowledge, education, entertainment and motivation. World and interesting agenda that took place in Turkey, I prepared a video and motivating extraordinary events, I present to your liking with. You can subscribe to my channel to be with me in this adventure I enter to prepare high quality and inspiring videos. Thanks.


  • Melek Arik
    Melek Arik 8 months ago

    ALLAH desem kaç beğeni alır?SÜBHANALLAH ❤

  • Şeküre Yalçınkaya
    Şeküre Yalçınkaya 8 months ago

    Allah tüm müslüman ve türkleri korusun amin

  • Sevinc Xelilova
    Sevinc Xelilova 9 months ago

    Allah tekdi başka varlik yok allaha çok inaniram


    Allahim herkezi dogru yoldan eksik etmesin

  • Men Trosso
    Men Trosso 9 months ago

    Allah desəm kaç 1+gəlir

  • Aleyna Ademoglu
    Aleyna Ademoglu 9 months ago (edited)

    Allah'ım korsun

  • Allah Bendesi
    Allah Bendesi 9 months ago


    OYUN CƏNNƏTİ 8 months ago

    Allah korusun bizi

  • volkan Pro oyunda
    volkan Pro oyunda 8 months ago

    Bunlar böyle işte Allah bidaha bir mucize gösteriyor bir şans veriyor ama onlar Allaha iman etmiyor Allah onları ıslah etsin

  • Komedi Bakkalı
    Komedi Bakkalı 9 months ago


  • ibraim Kazanov
    ibraim Kazanov 9 months ago

    Воистину Аллах💓 Велик

  • Tural Budaqov
    Tural Budaqov 9 months ago

    Yarebim sen bizleri koru. Xatadan beladan amin Xeyrisi olsun. Ne elametiymis..

  • Musa_ :D
    Musa_ :D 8 months ago


  • semed se
    semed se 9 months ago

    Bismilahrehman irehim hersey yaradanln elindedir

  • Gulay Geze
    Gulay Geze 8 months ago

    Bulut değil hortum

  • yuch king
    yuch king 9 months ago

    Allah is great

  • Mutesi Aisha
    Mutesi Aisha 9 months ago

    Subhana Allah

  • S K
    S K 9 months ago

    Never forget

  • lamka Prinses
    lamka Prinses 9 months ago

    Amerkanın başına daş yaqacax birazdan od yaqdı pisdikderden el cekmedi bu kere daş yaüacax başdarına quş allahın elcisidir xeberdarlık verib

  • valentina A A
    valentina A A 9 months ago

    The demonic spirit were flew away from the blessed country