Antique Meat Grinder Restoration | Very Rusty Meat Grinder Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Dec 25, 2018

  • This is very rusty meat grinder restoration video, I got this grinder from the recycle shop. In this videos I recorded it step by step the process of restoration. I hope you find something useful & enjoy from this video! I am happy to receive your feedback, advices, suggestions to improve myself. !!! I make this video for just curious & challenge, so please accept my apologies if I have made mistake in this restoration !!! [---Thank you so much for Likes & Comments---]


  • Asad Sardar
    Asad Sardar 7 months ago

    Who find Restoration videos as Satisfying Videos?

  • Dmitry Parubov
    Dmitry Parubov 6 months ago

    Нож не наточил! Он мнёт а не рубит! А очистил мясорубку замечательно!🙂

  • Moldoveanu Dragos
    Moldoveanu Dragos 5 months ago

    Nice, but you might want to sharpen the blade also.

  • Sopka Altay
    Sopka Altay 6 months ago

    какой же это антиквариат, в россии до сих пор в каждом доме есть

  • Maria Lucimar
    Maria Lucimar 1 day ago

    Parabéns! Vc é um gênio 👏👏👏👏👏👏eu sou doida por um desses. 👏👏👏👏

  • Pepsi McLiquid
    Pepsi McLiquid 7 months ago (edited)

    It’s 2:55am. Wtf am I doing

  • Aleks smith
    Aleks smith 5 months ago

    Нож не наточил,попробуй мясо с сухожилиями перекрутить !?!

  • Donald Swink
    Donald Swink 3 days ago

    Super sweet restoration. Really nice job. Looks brand new.

  • Z E R O ©
    Z E R O © 6 months ago

    Great work but blade and grid hole sharpening is missing. I guess that's why it wasn't grinding well.

  • Mr. Burnz
    Mr. Burnz 5 months ago

    After seeing “Made In China”, it should have been left where it was.

  • Виталий Волошин

    Я на такую вместо ручки дрель присобачил, вообще огонь стало😁

  • Сергей Шишлов

    Ножи не наточил. И решетку наоборот поставил. Поэтому решетка ходит. И большой запорный винт сильнее надо затягивать. А так- молодец!

  • Michael Shane
    Michael Shane 20 hours ago

    bead blasting would be a lot faster

  • Моозес Амиран

    Нож к сетке притирать надо, под нож шайбочку тонкую и будет ещё служить , а так молодец

  • Mihai C. Gagiu
    Mihai C. Gagiu 8 months ago

    in the end I think you forgot to sharpen the knife

  • OphirGardner
    OphirGardner 3 months ago

    Автор, нож наточить надо было ) она бы и в рже мясо рубила бы )))

  • Frank Crawford
    Frank Crawford 6 months ago (edited)

    You did a nice job! I like the fine details like rounding the bolt heads and using food grade oil on the inside and out to prevent rust. Very cool.

  • chumacero72
    chumacero72 1 week ago

    Too much work for a "made in China" piece :) on the other hand, excellent restoration work.

  • Troy Adamson
    Troy Adamson 2 days ago

    I think I would wash it good first with soap and water then coat it inside and out with oil.

  • Sqwince23
    Sqwince23 8 months ago

    I would definitely not put my meat in there.