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  • Published on Sep 18, 2018

  • World Most Awesome and Cool Tractor Attachments Invention 🔸Submit Your Tractors Videos to be Feature: Attribution: ⚪️Ernest Wójcik ⚪️Free Man ⚪️Tomasz Sakrajda ⚪️Sławomir Bruzdowski ⚪️Sebastian Sapinski ⚪️Naarva ⚪️Bretislavmark ⚪️Windisch Umweltservice ⚪️VALTRA VIDEO ⚪️Andrea Scrollavezza ⚪️Ynhagripro ⚪️Boris Pavlovsky ⚪️Hendrik Strokmeijer ⚪️CHONANBOW ⚪️0609karl ⚪️Mikity ⚪️Anuar Nurzhanov 🔊Intro & Outro Music: Hooky with Sloane (YouTube Music Library) *All content in this Channel are licensed or submitted and used with authorization of the rights holder. Please do not re-upload our video if you don't want copyright claim Follow Us: Twitter Facebook Page


  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 6 months ago

    That first one seems a bit lethal 😂😂

  • Lil_OlekZ
    Lil_OlekZ 3 weeks ago


  • Charles Thompson
    Charles Thompson 3 weeks ago

    That looks like a good way to die

  • greg holland
    greg holland 5 months ago

    These aren’t the sort of contraptions you want to be using while drinking cold beer

  • Dyllan
    Dyllan 5 months ago

    Good thing they all had PTO covers on the shafts. Wouldn't want them to be unsafe or anything

  • Big Nizzle
    Big Nizzle 6 months ago

    No way in hell on the first one.

  • you build it we destroy it

    That chipper shredder third attachment if I recall is what I call the chuck n duck . Toss a limb in and get out of the way , it might come flying vack at you

  • BadPete81
    BadPete81 5 months ago

    Couple of years using those and you need some attachments your self

  • Lars Skovly
    Lars Skovly 6 months ago

    And NO fingers were lost in the making of this film.....

  • Mark Snyder
    Mark Snyder 6 months ago

    Many have commented on the first machine being particularly dangerous, but I wonder how many understand why. I remember one machinery safety manual I read when I was a kid, I think a 4H petroleum power series manual. If you hold a broomstick horizontally, have someone hold the other end, and have them suddenly try to jerk the stick out of your hand, your reflex is to grab on tighter. That is why people can get pulled into machinery so easily. If you concentrate, you may be able to override this reflex, but you can't trust that will always work.

  • Stephen Blackwood
    Stephen Blackwood 6 months ago

    When can we see the accident videos from these marvellous inventions

  • ISTO maker
    ISTO maker 5 months ago

    They are all safe to me, from my point of view...from the screen of my cellphone.

  • Warren Winter
    Warren Winter 6 months ago

    Giant shout to everyone who did not chop off a limb during filming!

  • Remember The Slap Films

    When your PTO coupling isn't dangerous enough...just stick some blades on it!

  • Kefa Omweno
    Kefa Omweno 1 month ago

    i love this technology,i love farming.....mmmmhhhh...i wish i could do this in kenya if i had the machinery....i stay in Trans Nzoia County in the western side of Kenya....somebody there?

  • Camino John
    Camino John 6 months ago

    The first

  • T F
    T F 6 months ago

    I'm typing with my nose because I lost my fingers in a farming accident.......

  • Evan Sanchez
    Evan Sanchez 4 months ago


  • Miss Sarah Winterbottom

    Sadly when you see magnificent machines like these in operation you can see why horse's became obsolete in farming ,but having said that I deeply believe watching a working team of clysdale horses

  • da boi up the road from jims house

    Just take my hand off why dont you.....