Can GIRLS GUESS the SIZE of a guy's PENIS? Video Mp3 indir

Arkadaşlarla paylaş
  • Published on Nov 4, 2016

  • Can girls guess the size of a guy's penis based on a first impression? These 5 girls have decided to give it a shot. They're surprised by the results! Can you do a better job at guessing the sizes? SUBSCRIBE to FRENZY: FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM! LIKE us on FACEBOOK! Life is full of challenging moments. Get distracted!


  • Time TV
    Time TV 9 months ago

    Funny how even the smallest one is above average

    MAEAMAEAM 2 years ago

    hit like if ur any where from 5 to 6

    LEAGUE FAN 2 years ago

    when talking about objectifying....

  • 1Chasg
    1Chasg 10 months ago

    Imagine if the roles were reversed...

  • N Albertsson
    N Albertsson 2 years ago

    Lol... all that this proved was, that there was only one honest guy in the whole group!

  • Ash Fernandes
    Ash Fernandes 2 years ago

    this video just lowered my self esteem.

  • Oreo
    Oreo 1 year ago

    Ain’t this objecting men?

  • Mike BMG
    Mike BMG 2 years ago

    That guy is not black, he looks flipping Indian.

  • Alaska Alaska
    Alaska Alaska 2 years ago

    the "black guy" is indian, and they all lied about their real size, no measurement was done beforehand.

  • kyle robinson
    kyle robinson 2 years ago

    Where's the video guessing labia size?

  • Kieron Graham
    Kieron Graham 1 year ago

    lets guess how saggy and vaccuous their vagina's are.

  • SneakingFox
    SneakingFox 1 year ago

    The white guy in the middle is the hero we need

  • Trey Trey
    Trey Trey 9 months ago

    My junk is only 1.5 inches...…

  • Freddy Krueger But With Sun Glasses On

    These guys are all like 2 inches above average. Not real.

  • dr Naveed Ahmed
    dr Naveed Ahmed 2 years ago

    orange is the new black

  • Brendan Gargan
    Brendan Gargan 2 years ago

    I mean they didn't show anything

  • Grammer Police
    Grammer Police 2 years ago

    Why do black women hate white guys, Yes people have a preferance, But black women always get so agressive round white guys not only in this video but so many others they get so offended to easily

  • Francis Avishka
    Francis Avishka 2 years ago

    That wasn't a black guy lol

  • shoelesblondlady
    shoelesblondlady 6 months ago

    Studies show most guys lie about it so this proves nothing quantifiable

  • Alex Trujillo
    Alex Trujillo 1 year ago

    Average Size is 5-6 INCHES. Major B.S This is designed to make you look insecure man, and to make you look weak. The only pride a man can take is how well he did for his life while here on earth. But this has boiled down to such a low degrading subject that man brag about size as there only source of manhood. The devil is a lie and he is not after your size but your seed, because a womb can't carry life without a mans seed. That my friend is your pride the ability to produce and multiply.