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  • Published on May 15, 2017

  • ► demon out of Changan playlist: https: //goo.gl/u5DywQ ► Click [Subscribe] to facilitate chase drama Yo: https: //goo.gl/Z8Q7LI ► "demon out of Chang'an" is the House's Television, Movies and other forest co-produced costume fantasy drama, directed by YANG Dong-liang, Yang Shihan, asparagus, cut Yuan, Yin Lingdeng starring. After the play tells the story of the Rebellion, Chang'an City serial killer cases bizarre occurrence, is to find the murderer, Holmes master Shen Dali temple tour and Yingwu jointly pursue the truth fantasy mystery story. Hualu Baina war theater: https: //goo.gl/cUUcB8 ( "scholar encounter soldiers," etc.) Hualu Baina Spy Game Mystery Theater: https: //goo.gl/Pc19iH ( "Before Dawn", etc.) Hualu Baina of family theater: https: //goo.gl/jjC8pb ( "Let's get married", etc.) Hualu Baina theater costume history: https: //goo.gl/CmydIl ( "Great Han", etc.) Hualu Baina entertainment theater: https: //goo.gl/A4to3d ( "Goddess New Clothes", etc.) Please pay attention to the official platform: Hualu Baina official youtube channel: http: //goo.gl/Ifyvyc Hualu Baina official Facebook: http: //goo.gl/5KVGE4 Hualu Baina official twitter: https: //goo.gl/bWolWC


  • Sureerat Jamjuree
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    drama: demon out of chang an (เล่ห์รักปีศาจฉางอัน)

  • Karithik karithik
    Karithik karithik 4 months ago

    No English how to watch ? Who is uploaded if u want upload it drams no problem but plz consider fans emotions first. So many people want watch Chinese drams .they're all International fans so plz understand n plz pit English sub

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  • 曾燕盈
    曾燕盈 1 year ago

    导演导的还不错 不过太暗了 一整集除了那几段白天能见光 人物形象也不清不楚的 主角的特点还没能明显出来(如果性格化点比较会讨观众喜欢 容易红)演员演的真心不错。

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    ترجمه باالعربي

  • نور الشام
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    مرحبا مين بعرف اسم مسلسل رجآن اذا حدا بعرف عربي يبعتلي اسمو وشكران🤗🤗

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  • Thắng Nguyễn
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    phim này tên j

  • Ding Donglong
    Ding Donglong 1 year ago

    Please sub in English. 谢谢

  • mia dipietra
    mia dipietra 1 year ago

    All these amazing looking c dramas out and I can't understand a lick 😭😭😭 please lmk when they're subbed! This one looks sooo good!

  • 芷芸
    芷芸 1 year ago

    最近在追一部穿越劇 ,双世宠妃。

  • Diva Rahma Dina
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    Language Indonesia

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    Phim j đây ad

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    不喜欢那个白衣服的女子。幼不幼稚啊,自以为良好!有病! 典型的大小姐。

  • Marie Douyon
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    English caption would be nice

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