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  • Published on Mar 15, 2017

  • Asa here! Please turn on CC for Eng Sub and enjoy~ If I made any translation or grammar mistakes, please feel free to let me know! I'm aware that parts of this drama have already been translated. However, this video has been haunting me for almost nine months. It's something I needed to finish or would always have regrets about. Don't get me wrong - I love this recitation drama, especially since Tsukki and Akaashi are my spirit animals. However, I'm feeling translator blues (it shows in my translations of Yachi's lines) and I never want to watch these 19 minutes ever again xD For anyone who isn't familiar with Japan, I recommend looking up a map if you want to understand just how bad Hinata's geography skills are. Also, apologizes for all the translation notes. I might have gone a little overboard with them. Haikyuu Matsuri was a seiyuu event held on August 30th, 2015 at Pacifico Yokohama. It consisted of a day show and a night show, with differences between the two. The main guests were the seiyuus of Karasuno; the featured guests were Kimura Ryōhei (Bokuto) and Ōsaka Ryōta (Akaashi); and the video guests were Kaji Yūki (Kenma) during the day, Namikawa Daisuke (Oikawa) during the night, and SPYAIR for both shows. One of the event features was a recitation drama where all the seiyuus participated in a live read-through of a original short story. While there were slight differences between the two shows, the drama (titled "Festival!") was essentially the same for both the day show and the night show.


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    when bokuto came and says hay!!!! hay!!!! hay!!! I screamed

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    Irina Santillan 2 years ago

    am I the only one who fangirled at urusai, yamaguchi...gomen tsukki?

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    " HEY HEY HEY "

  • エドワード・クリフ


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    taiwanrocks527 2 years ago

    ohmygod two mins in and everyone is already fangirling over yamatsukki XDXD

  • Sophie Stocker
    Sophie Stocker 2 years ago

    Yamaguchi & Tsukki has the most distinctive voices!

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    Aida Bakar 2 years ago

    i definitely hear the fangirl going crazy when Yamaguchi was worrying over Yachi! i found my fam ;; finally

  • Teijo Rei
    Teijo Rei 2 years ago

    Thanks for the translations! All the haikyuu fans are super grateful!!! Love from indonesia!

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    Every time I hear Noya's voice I can't help but think of Katsuki telling everyone to die 😅

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    Yamaguchi's seiyuu is so cute omg

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