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  • Published on Nov 3, 2018

  • Season 1, Episode 13 - Casper v. Brown: A young Utah man is in court to find out if his fiancee is cheating with one of their roommates. Subscribe: Follow Couples Court on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Follow MGM Television on social media: Twitter: Instagram: @MGM_Television Facebook: Fiance Denies Cheating With A Roommate (Full Episode) | Couples Court #CouplesCourt #TheCutlers


  • DeNice
    DeNice 3 months ago

    Just an update he is no longer with her. He is in the military and has a wonderful new African American young lady. they have a beautiful family. found them on facebook

  • Tots G
    Tots G 3 months ago

    He shouldn’t have took her back! She’s playing him with that little smirk on her face the whole time 🙄

  • Lauren Mann
    Lauren Mann 3 months ago (edited)

    Why is she laughing the whole time? Like she thinks cheating is cute.

  • brit reid
    brit reid 3 months ago

    Why does she have that grin on her face? Someone please slap her face silly!!!!!

  • steve c
    steve c 3 months ago

    Big mistake dude she’ll do it again

  • G Cyloner
    G Cyloner 3 months ago

    She seems to be enjoying the fact that two men want her. She only wants the fiance to be a dad for her child, but she is going to cheat again, probably with the same guy. The fiance is to forgiving.

  • Kari Lynn
    Kari Lynn 3 months ago

    she only wants him to adopt her daughter?-----Young man----take it from a 61 yo: 1) you know nothing about love; and, 2) run, run far, fast and wide. Run!

  • Andrea Larizza
    Andrea Larizza 3 months ago

    He is a very sweet guy.. however he is a total push-over..

  • Andrew Nehemiah
    Andrew Nehemiah 3 months ago

    Yes too young and shes using him because she knows hes going to do it. Another case of havi g a good man and wanting a bad one! So sad!

    OMONDI OKELLO 3 months ago

    The problem of being empathetic. The good guy should just leave. She isn't showing any remorse.!!!

  • Pach'e 81
    Pach'e 81 3 months ago

    Cant be too passive with anyone,, or they will stump your heart to the ground!!

  • Kenda's Corner
    Kenda's Corner 3 months ago

    What a beautiful souls he is omg boy leave her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U need a good woman

  • Leah star
    Leah star 3 months ago

    He saved her and she cheated on him. Wow!!!

  • Andre Thomas
    Andre Thomas 3 months ago


  • Caca Banana
    Caca Banana 3 months ago

    No If I were in his situation I would find someone else to date..

  • William Floyd
    William Floyd 3 months ago

    He's a fool with no self-respect. I can't even feel sorry for him.

  • Luvharlem4real
    Luvharlem4real 3 months ago

    How can people forgive a cheater that fast because to me a cheater will always be cheater no matter what .once you cheat on me am done with you no matter all the excuses you are giving .

  • Ebony Ivory
    Ebony Ivory 3 months ago

    I need a man like that" meaning someone that just so in to me" ppl like her don't deserve him.

  • Laawae R
    Laawae R 3 months ago (edited)

    So she's marrying him because she wants a father for her child.Hmmmmm.........Young man, you deserve much better than this ungrateful girl! RUN YOUNG MAN, RUN!

  • Samantha Lister
    Samantha Lister 3 months ago

    Hey y’all, Klayton Casper is my brother. I’ve seen quite a few comments saying stuff about him leaving her and her cheating on him while he’s gone, he has left her and he’s doing great in life.