Fishing for pike! How to catch a pike in difficult conditions? Gear preparation Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Aug 27, 2017

  • Catching pikes in the grass, reeds, thickets? We prepare the gear for the pike fishing season! Fishing for pike in difficult conditions! Yuri Petrash talks about how to prepare the gear for the pike fishing season! Shows how to make an assembly for pike fishing in grass, cane, water lilies, thickets! Shop in Canada https://www.fanatikbaits.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fanatik_baits/ Subscribe to our fishing channel with Yuri Petrash, put a husky, write comments! Good to all and good fishing! #fishing #pike We catch a pike in the grass - rigging and tricks. With the onset of summer, any body of water that does not have a strong current invariably acquires aquatic vegetation. And the further the summer goes on - the more algae, duckweed, water lilies appear. Catch pike in the grass and you can and you need. Pike fishing in the grass is one of the most interesting ways of catching, but also technically challenging too. In addition to preparing the appropriate gear and baits, the fisherman's skill is also required, and the presence of a boat is highly desirable, since fishing from the shore in conditions of an abundance of aquatic vegetation is not very promising. Preparation of gear. What you need to take into account: firstly, when fishing in the grass, long casts will not be needed, as they will result in the fisherman picking up kilograms of grass. The main thing is sniper casts for small and medium distances. Given that fishing will take place in the boat, so the length of the rod should be within reasonable limits. Optimum - 2,1-2,4 meters; Secondly, the spinning should have the necessary test and system. Given that the grass will still cling to the bait, the test is better to choose within 14-50 grams. Thirdly, it is necessary to use a quality coil with a capacity of 3000-4000 spools. Effective production mining depends directly on the coil, so you do not need to save on it. Fourthly, with this type of fishing, it is more justified to use a quality cord that is ready in addition to pike to survive a certain amount of grass. It is better that the true breaking load of the cord is in the range of 8 to 15 kg. And, finally, the use of metal leashes is mandatory. The main thing is that the carbines on them do not have large protruding parts, for which the grass will cling. Offset hook, thanks to its shape, allows you to hide the sting and get the bait nezatseplyayku, which can be caught in the thickest thickets. In addition, the double bend of the forearm ensures reliable fastening of even a soft bait and prevents its slipping off the offset hook. The technique of catching. Promising places are the transparent windows among the solid vegetation, as well as the border of high vegetation in the form of reeds, cattail or sedge. In general, all places that are associated with some transitions and borders are a guarantee that they are visited by a pike. The bait is thrown into the intended place and, naturally, is carried out in the upper layers of the water. Wiring should be uniform, but the tip of the rod is also better to make movement with a small amplitude of 5-10 cm, but with a high frequency. It is noticed that such manipulations give the lure some interesting game and the pike is more often excited by such actions of the fisherman. Do not be afraid to change the bait and the nature of the wiring, any fishing is an experiment. Catching pike in dense grass is possible, but only when using the right gear; All baits having tees are absolutely useless in conditions of aquatic vegetation; Pike in the grass is better to catch from the boat, making casts for small and medium distances. Any boundary in the aquatic vegetation, transparent water windows, are the most promising for pike fishing; Pike fishing should be fast and decisive. Have a successful fishing!


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