Gentrification In America - Episode One: Asheville, North Carolina 1500's-1970's Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Oct 27, 2017

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  • Dane Calloway
    Dane Calloway 1 year ago

    A special thank you to all of the natives and elders of Asheville for your warm welcome, hospitality and great conversations. I truly enjoyed my time with each and every one of you!

  • Gorilla Hustler
    Gorilla Hustler 1 year ago

    Nowadays they look at black poverty & act as if the masses of us are poor because we are

  • Eastcoastflavor
    Eastcoastflavor 1 year ago

    Dane I live in North Carolina and my Family is from Person County. Because of you, I've done extensive research and found out we're all related to the Sappony Indian Tribes and ARE NOT FROM AFRICA. Nobody in my family came over here on a ship as a slave. Keep up the good work brother.

  • Charles Clark
    Charles Clark 1 year ago

    You can no longer call are people slaves . They are prisoners of war

  • Jinkees Turner
    Jinkees Turner 1 year ago

    No matter how old i get, no matter how much i learn... I will never get over the fact that people ( no mattee their color) have the audacity to go to someone land and take it!!! AND THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT EVEN FROM THE LAND. Like how do u just go to someone's home and say get out..... But when they want their homes (land) back you act like it was never theirs, and sweep their lives under the rug

  • COPPER Hot-Step
    COPPER Hot-Step 1 year ago

    The story of the Aboriginal Americans is a sad one. I can't imagine cultivating and industrialising my own homeland for a foreign corporation to reap 100% of the benefits, perks and legacies it entails whilst turning the labourers behind it into fifth-rate non-citizens.

  • Meka B.
    Meka B. 1 year ago

    This explain why Abraham Lincoln face is on a copper colored penny

  • Marval Ketchup
    Marval Ketchup 1 year ago

    Upsets me to see all these plantations in prominent areas...still to this self same day we are not welcomed on.....hurts to ride through counties and towns named after well known murderers, thieves, and destroyers....soooo much!!!so much... thank You for your research!!! Thanks! Thanks!

  • Anthony Murray
    Anthony Murray 1 year ago

    Thanks for this info. Ima Aboriginal Australian man and i feel like our people have had a similar history when dealin with the white devils

  • moon dancer
    moon dancer 1 year ago

    we don't have any allies but ourselves indigenous ppl!! UNITE!!

  • Mark White
    Mark White 1 year ago

    They can't right a check large enough that would compensate the families of these people . What was done , was pure evil this is a part of history that should be told everywhere to everyone . We should never forget !!!

  • joshua G
    joshua G 1 year ago (edited)

    PRIOR TO THIS COMMENT , WHAT I POSTED READ (1ST) Now that people would see this . Let's please support Dane , we've never came across a channel quite like this. All of us can agree we became more knowledgeable because of this man's hard work . He wasn't obligated to, he wanna to show us TRUTH. God bless all

  • Ryan I
    Ryan I 1 year ago

    If we leave it up to Caucasian people they'll say this is our fault too. Ohh you people always complaining " that was years ago can't you all get over it .look how much better it is for your people now...

  • Fashionistafolife
    Fashionistafolife 1 year ago

    wow, this information about Asheville is so racist, they literally murdered blk people, and now all you see is luxury coffee shops in those areas.

  • Sheneka Nicholson
    Sheneka Nicholson 1 year ago

    You should write a history book.I have learned so much by watching your channel.

  • Brandon Cox
    Brandon Cox 1 year ago

    Thank you brother Calloway I'm from asheville been here all my life I'm 35 and I've seen a lot my grandmother used to tell me how they were tricked into selling there land and then basically getting nothing in return I've been trying to tell people this stuff for years but nobody would listen but anyway I've watched pretty much all of your videos so when i saw this one it made my day much love wish I could have seen you and built with you if you ever come back hit me up

  • TPjudah lion
    TPjudah lion 1 year ago

    This is one of the reasons why my grandmother would always call Caucasians devils!..

  • Cocoa Beanz
    Cocoa Beanz 1 year ago

    Thank you my brother! It seems like we would have BLACK leaders to teach us our history.

  • Marval Ketchup
    Marval Ketchup 1 year ago

    I lived in the 'projects' for three years...the walls were bricked and resemble the walls inside a jail......

  • Indig Ameri, Seminal Indian

    They are practicing some of this propaganda right now to turn us into terrorists and give the government the right to kill us. We've better stay on top of everything that they are doing and prepare to fight, instead of run.