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  • Published on Jul 21, 2018

  • Sam's so excited! He's going to become a ninja! That is, if he can convince his friend Sue that the rat she's brought to their house is Master Splinter. Sue is not sure about that, but she still wants to make an awesome labyrinth for the rat to show how smart it is (even if it can't teach the art of ninja). Will the rat be able to find the exit once inside? If you have a pet rat or want to make such a labyrinth for your science project, do it together with Sam and Sue! To make this labyrinth, you will need some thick cardboard, a hot glue, some paints and markers, a ruler, some wooden ice-cream sticks, a spinner, and some plastic. First, you need to mark out all the 'rooms' on a large piece of cardboard. Then you need to make all the fun details: a revolving door shaped like a piece of cheese, a seesaw, a bridge, and a transparent tunnel. Then make the walls! Some walls should have round 'doors' for the rat to pass through them. Make the gates for the entrance, to close the rat in. Then glue all the pieces in place. Lastly, cover the labyrinth with a large piece of plastic glass. It should have a lot of holes in it to let the air through! And then let the rat in! Just don't show the labyrinth to your rat before you're done =) Rats aren't only smart, they are clean, communicative, can be taught many things, and easy to take care of. Does it sound like an ideal pet to you? PREVIOUS EPISODE: How to Make Watermelon Juice Dispenser Check out Slime Sam's Community Tab and see his best pictures, funny GIFs, new episode announcements and much more! Subscribe to Sam's channel and give a thumbs up to motivate him to make more videos for you! - - - All music is licensed under MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE: OPENING THEME Title: Cuckoo Source:


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