Kreyòl ayisyen / Haitian Creole film : "Sous pression sexuelle" (Global Dialogues) Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jun 11, 2010

  • Global Dialogues. Un film en Kreyòl ayisyen (Haitian Creole language), English captions. Une belle fille veut un portable. Un monsieur veut la fille. Acceptera-t-elle le deal ? Un film Scenarios d'Afrique produit par Global Dialogues ( Global Dialogues. English captions to learn English and for the deaf. Facebook page: "Global Dialogues" -- please join us! Global Dialogues: Established in 1997, Global Dialogues combines the creative genius of young people and the power of social change media to cultivate empathy, compassion and unity in diversity. We amplify youth voice in an innovative, intercreative program of social mobilization and global activism. Please join us in our efforts to envisage and create a healthier, more peaceful world. The Global Dialogues films, based on stories submitted by creative youths in our writing contests, are crafted by leading filmmakers and emerging young talents. They address important global social issues, including crucially important human rights issues. Available in numerous languages, the films reach over 200 million people every year. Our vision: Global Dialogues envisions a healthy, peaceful world in which an empathetic and compassionate humanity flourishes in a spirit of equality and unity in diversity. Global Dialogues' mission: To promote global public health and societal well-being through integrated, youth-driven solutions fueled by creativity and multidisciplinary partnership. Global Dialogues is coordinated internationally by The Global Dialogues Trust, UK-registered charity number 1071484.


  • Sergo Celeny
    Sergo Celeny 1 month ago

    si tout fwa ta gen ayisyen kap gade video sa moun ki jwe fim sa se afriken yo ye paske imaj sa yo pa ayiti men yo pale kreyòl

  • Rolande Tilus
    Rolande Tilus 1 year ago

    c yon tradiksyon li ye c pa ayisyen moun yo ye vre

  • Vayola Louis
    Vayola Louis 1 year ago

    I am haitien I love African people so much all Haitians love africa

  • Wadeline Pierre
    Wadeline Pierre 2 weeks ago

    Non ka al subcribe page an pou mw please guys 😘🙏🏾💗

  • Sanon Sphakia
    Sanon Sphakia 1 month ago

    Où est le problème? Nap gad on film kisa nou besoin c pa kmprann, nou kmprann langue yap parle an nou la ap f parole anpil c pa haïtien, leu nou knn gad film moun yo ap parle français eske tout moun yo c français

  • angel l
    angel l 3 years ago

    That's not even a hatian movie it looks more Nigerian to me

  • Topbeen zeo brood Topbeen is the best

    Kot tout rapem yo

  • lovely pierre
    lovely pierre 1 year ago

    that's African movie

  • ruben ramos
    ruben ramos 4 years ago

    Grabado en burkina faso?

  • Ritchy Honore
    Ritchy Honore 1 year ago

    That's not a Haitian movie,That's not Haiti's Culture!!!

  • alphonse registre
    alphonse registre 1 year ago

    they are africans

  • west indies kompa
    west indies kompa 1 year ago (edited)

    Ce ne sont pas du tout des Haïtiens mais des africains la façon dont ils sont sapé la culture et tout ce n'est pas haïtien même leurs tronches ce n'est pas haïtiens

  • Carlos Le sage
    Carlos Le sage 1 day ago

    Se traduction film nan yo fè an kreyol wi yo pa pale kreyol la vre

  • Francia Joseph
    Francia Joseph 3 weeks ago

    Moun sa yo se afriken se pa ayisyen

  • Keybin louis Louis
    Keybin louis Louis 1 month ago

    Se África

  • Joel Sanertis
    Joel Sanertis 2 weeks ago

    Bon travay pa gen pale anpil pou afè lang nou menm ayisyen nou pap chanje

  • D'Haïti Ritchy
    D'Haïti Ritchy 5 days ago

    Peut-être en Afrique

  • Kely Alerte
    Kely Alerte 1 month ago

    C pa tout fim ki fim menm Jan c pa tout Gason ki Gason '

  • Ben Rich
    Ben Rich 2 weeks ago

    wait they translate the movie

  • Doudou Pierre
    Doudou Pierre 1 month ago

    ti manzè de zòd toup