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  • Published on Jun 19, 2016

  • Classification: Murderer Characteristics: Parricide - Financial gain Number of victims: 2 Date of murders: September 23/October 17, 2001 Date of arrest: November 30, 2001 Date of birth: February 9, 1948 Victims profile: John Charbonneau, 62 (her former husband) / William Sproates III, 45 (her husband) Method of murder: Blunt force injury causing a fractured skull / Multiple stab wounds, blunt force trauma, and asphyxiation Location: Sussex County, Delaware, USA Status: Sentenced to death on June 4, 2004


  • Gabrielle. Haire
    Gabrielle. Haire 1 year ago

    She’s more guilty if not the same as the guy. Why’d he get two life sentences and she got 20 flipping years

  • LonerStonedStoner
    LonerStonedStoner 1 year ago

    This could’ve been solved if she just got a job in the first place and stopped expecting people to provide for her

  • Shell By The Sea
    Shell By The Sea 2 years ago

    I love my mother more then anything,but no way in hell am I going to kill someone for her just because she wants his money.

  • MissBluegreen97
    MissBluegreen97 7 months ago

    why does she look like napoleon dynamite

  • Latoya Richardson
    Latoya Richardson 2 years ago

    I'm baffled here??! How in the hell the daughter get 25yrs, but the one who wanted to see them dead and orchestrated the whole thing just gets 20yrs? The court system sure was asinine about this one.😕

  • c g
    c g 6 months ago

    I can't with Candice's little side comments

  • Corey Forman
    Corey Forman 2 years ago

    why did the Blk man get two life sentence and those woman got less way less those two women should have gotten life as well

  • O! RU, L82?
    O! RU, L82? 1 year ago

    Her name came out of a Dr. Seuss book lol

  • Amiracle Chrisbreezy

    Just make sure she doesn't become your wife 😂😄 gotta ❤ Candice

  • jesse moore
    jesse moore 8 months ago

    I'm willing to do anything for money... except get a job. Divorce is against my religion... but murder is not. Two common themes for these shows

  • Princesss
    Princesss 11 months ago

    Candice wording just kills me like it makes the shows so juicy

  • Forrest D
    Forrest D 2 years ago

    Oh no!! Poor John... this just breaks my heart. I don't understand how people can do this....

  • Moshiota Loo
    Moshiota Loo 2 years ago

    I have a soft spot for older people, this absolutely shred my heart in pieces. May he rest peacefully and may she be tortured and burned! Such a disgrace, just do one thing DIVORCE.

  • DolceVita
    DolceVita 2 years ago

    disgusting human beings

  • Jus- Sayin
    Jus- Sayin 1 year ago

    Not enough Justice . Linda should have gotten life

  • lanna_
    lanna_ 7 months ago

    they should really put their real pictures at the end of the video so we can actually recognize them if we do somehow meet them irl.

  • GamingGoddess
    GamingGoddess 1 year ago

    Her daughter got more time in prison than she did? Lmfao, that's a joke. They both should've gotten life.

  • Jennifer Hamm
    Jennifer Hamm 2 years ago

    I know both of these ladies, I will be honest I got into a little bit of trouble as a young female and was in a program in the prison they are in and I know both of them. Linda is heartless and they walk around that prison like Linda is this sweet old lady You can see in her eyes that she is an evil witch. She is a Fu**ing Monster, Melissa the daughter  is very quiet a little more open maybe has worked on herself some but you can still see the evil in her as well. These actors do no justice look them up in real life,  I mean look at what they did to these 2 innocent men.

  • Alexis Hernan
    Alexis Hernan 2 years ago

    Holy shit... 2017 that's next year

  • lissalove29440
    lissalove29440 2 years ago

    Linda should have gotten life as well. But she got the least amount of time that the other two when it was all her plan. Don't understand how the daughter got so much.