My Friend's Clingy Sister Had A Huge Crush On Me Ft. Emirichu Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Dec 30, 2018

  • Today I tell you about my friend's clingy little sister. PART 2: PART 3: Check out Emirichu! Follow Me Here! ► Twitter - ► Instagram - ► Twitch - ✎Illustrated by Rirumato Instagram: Coloring by Tenshika✎ Instagram: Additional Coloring by Honidu Instagram: Last chance to get merch! - For all business related inquiries please contact: Additional Sound Effects: These stories are based off of true events from my life and dramatized for entertainment purposes. For anyone asking, I don't currently consider my videos as 'animation videos', but more illustrated stories. Eventually I would like to delve deeper into actual animated videos. Thanks for watching ✌


  • priniety mon
    priniety mon 3 months ago (edited)

    Whenever Terry is with girls.

  • Lily's World
    Lily's World 3 weeks ago (edited)

    gets married and has kids

  • Needle I'm Ag
    Needle I'm Ag 1 month ago

    I had to reread the title a couple times cause I thought it said "my clingy sister had a huge crush on me" only in Alabama 👌

  • Ganimations 19
    Ganimations 19 4 weeks ago

    And he never went to the bathroom again

  • Nooby Knight
    Nooby Knight 3 weeks ago

    I have never had to deal with a friend's clingy sister because I have never had any friends

  • Bubbly
    Bubbly 3 months ago

    I have a pen pineapple apple juice ☺️

  • Tora
    Tora 4 weeks ago

    man she's stretching everyday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kalt Levaya
    Kalt Levaya 1 month ago

    In what world does a guy go to the bathroom and ends up in a fight then gets into a relationship with an 8th grader

  • Wolfy Donut
    Wolfy Donut 1 month ago

    If he was 18 in this story...

  • One Chill Man
    One Chill Man 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Goes to friends house

  • Nep Nep
    Nep Nep 3 months ago

    This legit sounds like a anime plot

  • Kiara the Foxwolf
    Kiara the Foxwolf 1 month ago

    nobody will talk about "i'm stretching everyday now"?

  • ManaScream
    ManaScream 3 weeks ago

    "you really gonna do this to your sister", "no, my STEP sister"

  • Derpie
    Derpie 1 week ago

    Legends Says Terry Has Peed His Pants Because He Haven't Found The Bathroom

  • iTzSh
    iTzSh 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Plot Twist:

  • Bewattayy
    Bewattayy 3 months ago

    When you try to go to the bathroom and you end up in a relationship lol relatable

  • Viki Girl Games
    Viki Girl Games 4 days ago

    me seeing the title, first thought "isn't that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley?"

  • Futuer Roni
    Futuer Roni 2 days ago


    BRONX KID 1 week ago

    I guess its a terryble time didn't it.

  • Sabasjon Production

    "We should do this sometimes again."