NOELLE GROWS UP! 001f467001f3fb (And so does Jamie?!?) (The Sims 4 CATS & DOGS #13001f3d6) Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Feb 6, 2018

  • Noelle sneaked in a birthday without us! But it seems like her dad is finally starting to get his act together too...? 001f467001f3fb 001f436Cats & Dogs Playlist - 001f3d8 In the Suburbs Playlist - 001f492 In the City Playlist - 001f3e1 Dreamhouse Playlist - Get my Sims Custom Content - - 001f3ae Capture your gameplay the same way I do! 001f449 Twitter: Instagram: This video has been created and is owned by Clare Siobhan. This video is PG, family friendly and has no cursing or swearing! 001f495

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  • Amy Davidson

    Antony works with the police and the series is called cats and dogs. GIVE ANTONY A GERMAN SHEPARD it just makes sense

  • Georgia Wilson

    Where did you get your extra traits cc from

  • Kya Lee

    Anthony has a love relationship Jay AND Emma

  • Georgia Wilson

    Pls give Noell that top and skirt with the scarf

  • Emma Grisier

    Noelle and the aliens (Conners kids) are cousins!!!

  • Georgia Wilson

    Hey Clare I am your number 1 fan and think you are an amazing role model and a great person

  • Amar Shareif

    I feel like Carrie would have this vintage style when she grows up :P

  • Claire Evick

    If Anthony ever has a boy can you name him Jordan because there is a celebrity called Jordan Fisher and I feel like that would be cool

  • evelynveritas

    The Charlie Rose, Jamie Street & Noelle story reminds me a little bit of my own past. My mom and dad split before I was one. I didn't see him until I was about 6. He only stayed around for a few weeks. He left without saying goodbye. Haven't heard from him since. Hopefully Jamie doesn't do that to Noelle. I didn't realize it until you were fixing Noelle in cas, but I too often wondered why my dad wasn't around.

  • The FallenStarPotatoFairie

    Ok... I know this is stupid and a lot u might hate me for saying this but.....

  • David Mace

    Clare you HAVE to change the aging thing to only active household or it will automatically age up all your series's sims even when your not there. I've said this on many videos so please like and share this so Clare sees and everything is back to normal I can't handle it anymore. That is why James, Salma, Noelle and many others are aging quickly.

  • Vanessa Bermudez

    I'm not getting use to the Ciara's hair I hate it

  • Anna Rhodes

    Clare your one ☝️ of my favorite youtubers EVER I love you so much. Noelle is really cute and yes I think bunk beds is a great idea 001f4a1 and can Carrie age really soon. This might be weird because things I said might have happened beacause I started commenting in the middle of the video also yeah Antone flirted with Jay too not just Emma

  • Olga Zuluaga

    Do you remember that Charlie Rose had the dress and a scarf when she was a kid!?

  • Cringe with RAYRAY

    Clare Siobhon whenever Carrie grow up you should make Noel and carry dress alike like BFFS


    Noelle got her eyes from Salma001f49f001f49f

  • Laura Hirst

    I kind of don’t like the fact that Carrie and Noelle are the same age, Carrie should be a toddler for longer. And, Ciara should have black hair, you have too many light haired sims

  • Avery Anderson

    If you max out the veteran skill then you can make a ambrosia treat and put it in that fridge like thing that goes in a vet it will the treat will sell for a lot of money and also if you get a little rumba then it will clean all the puke in the vet you also have perk points just for the vet and you can get cool things!!

  • Amar Shareif

    I love your hair Clare 3

  • idk

    Clare change the aging up to only active at household and btw buy them a new house they should save up or charlie should take some money from her parents or Ciara should take money from her parents