The best Crankbaits for pike fishing. The version of Yuri Petrash Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Nov 18, 2017

  • The best Crankbaits for pike fishing. The version of Yuri Petrash Tackles for fishing https: // Instagram - Subscribe to our fishing channel with Yuri Petrash, put husky, write comments! Good to all and good fishing! #fishing #pike #Crankbaits Hello, dear friends! In today's review will be talking about the bait, which I catch pike, namely about crankbaits. In most cases I use silicone baits, but there are times when the pike completely refuses silicone and then the crankbaits come to the rescue. Today I wanted to talk about my favorites - this is the top seven crankbaits in my version for pike fishing. So, let's start with the shallowest crankbaits, that is, the wobblers, which can be used at a depth of 10 cm, and probably probably up to 2.5 meters. This is Magallon. In such a bright coloration. In my opinion - this is a unique wobblack, which can probably even persuade a dead pike. What he does in the water - will make a peck even the most passive predator. For this, I recommend this crankbaits to everyone and perhaps when catching at depths of up to 2.5-3 meters, in my opinion this is the best wobblack! After that, the crankbaits next crankbaits a bit with a deep penetration - somewhere a meter - 1.2 meters. This Megabass Vision 110. In the same bright colors, also unique crankbaits, beloved by many anglers, a kind of game, also makes a peck of any pike. At the same size, crankbaits, which also has a depth of about 1 meter, is the 110th Orbit of such an interesting coloring. I strongly like this coloring very strongly that at one time practically all the wobbles from cranks to 130-150 minnoys were bought in this color. In Orbit this color is called 564th. Here, I draw your attention that in the middle there hangs a red tee - this is not a native tee. In my opinion it is quite effective, I use it when fishing for silicone baits and when catching on crankbaits. There was a lot of pike caught on it and probably probably 9 out of 10 attacked the red tee. For this, I highly recommend using a red tee on the wobblers either in the middle or on the edge. If we want to catch a pike in a deeper place, let's say, at a depth of 3.5 - 4 - 5 meters, then come to the aid of the same crankbaits, like Balisong. This crankbaits, which has a length of 130 mm, is such a perch coloring. I repeat, in addition to the fact that this is a good unique crankbaits, it is this color for me personally was one of the most effective. Here, note, too, hangs a red tee. Under number 5, there will also be a crankbaits of Balisong in such a white coloring. Here he also has a red tee hanging in the tail, but he's already fucked up. Simple white coloring, works well in muddy water, well, in any weather with any transparency. And if we are talking about Balisong, then here is perch, white - at number 5, here is this crankbaits! Next come the crankbaits, which have long been favorites for all - it's the crankbaits of the OSB Rudra. Here is such a golden coloring. People treat it differently. Someone thinks that it should be set in cloudy weather. I think that it should be set in sunny weather, so that it fits as far as possible and thus attracts a predator. Here again there is a red tee, here such beautiful wobbler, already beaten by an order, has here an orange belly, a dark back and a beautiful gold color. Well, in the end - again Rudra, again white. Its feature is that it is sinking. All the previous crankbaits were suspenders, that is, they are crankbaits, which hangs in the thickness of the water in a certain horizon. Here is this crankbaits sinking. Here they can fish without a current at a depth of up to 7 meters. If you have enough patience, you can quietly lower it to the bottom and slowly twitch, slowly raising the pike from 7-6 meters, because immediately we lower it, but then it is difficult and long to keep it there. But when he goes to the horizon 4-5 meters, he quietly picks up the fish from 6-7 meters. As we all know, Japanese crankbaits are quite expensive, so if you are a novice angler and want to immediately buy a guaranteed catchcock, my advice is to buy those crankbaits that I told you about today. Each wobblers have their own great story, he caught a lot of fish in different conditions on different reservoirs, so with your crankbaits data your chances will be as high as possible! Well, with you was Yuri Petrash! Great trophies, successful fishing, and fish take exactly as much as you can eat!


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  • Вова Громадский
    Вова Громадский 3 months ago (edited)

    Как вы будете себя чувствовать оборвав пару таких воблеров

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