The Classifications Of Race For African-Americans: Slave, Colored, Mulatto, Black Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jun 24, 2017

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  • Dane Calloway

    How To Trace Your Native Tribe -

  • Regina S. Bell

    about to be binge watching my history. great job

  • Nicky Guy

    Sick. White people paid to be Indian. I knew this was why in DNA test no one could find that native American link.

  • King Navi

    What's up brother Dane! That was me that just donated one hundred to you brother. You deserve it. Very well deserved. Thank you for everything that you do. You have my support brother. I know YouTube is taking money from creators nowadays, so I figured that I'd donate to you to help keep you going brother. Peace brother and I say many more blessings to you! Keep this up.

  • aboriginal lone wolf

    Obama in the beginning of the video was talk n about us and we didn't have a clue

  • Regina S. Bell

    Have you research about the Abolition Society, Underground Railroad, and Sons of Africa?

  • Nasir Tuk Xi

    The persons who disliked this video actually believes that "African-American" and "Black" are Nationalities...and that's just sad. Great video Chief!

  • Victor Creed

    i never believed my family came from Africa

  • Kini Universoul

    i have a blood condition that 70% of indian and east asians have. i literally went to the hemotoligist thinking i was dying. they just told me that not only is it NOT common with Americans its not common with blacks at all and only from Northern Africa and up towards india where this condition is very common. .. diagnosis was Alpha thalassemia. ...hmmm.. me! African where?

  • Fatimah 13 Starr

    23 $5 indians disliked this video.

  • Tawny Aboriginal

    I've come across a census of my family & it has them labeled as " Free inhabitants " this was a couple of years before the "emancipation " I always wonder what it meant. Also they labeled one of my family members as mulatto but crossed it off & put a B for black. 

  • Nicole Brooks

    Dane I want to personally thank you for all of your documentaries, they are very informative. I am a white girl who was raised by a black man from the age of eight months, he was the best daddy I've ever known, his parents were slaves and growing up as a child they taught me and I learned quite a bit. Being the white daughter of a black man in the 80s was very hard. to this day I still remember the car accident I had with him where the police took me away from him and my mother literally had to come up to the police station with the adoption certificate proving the fact that he was my father before I was allowed to see him again. please keep making these documentaries- that way everybody in the world can learn the real truth! thank you for all of your efforts and information keep up the great work

  • royale George

    it pisses you off cause you see these pics of these people and they look like my relatives not them africans over seas smh!!!

  • Asha Black

    the term "free white" implies that not all whites were free

  • Darrick Brisco

    I like how you specified free whites they have definitely hid the fact that they enslaved their people as well I read a book named white cargo that goes in detail about this they called them indentured servants but the book clearly states they were slaves

  • Chief Kamachetto

    A'Ho! Excellent work Chief Lamochattee! Achukma!

  • Free Thinkers Gang

    Dammmmnnnnnn Very good info

  • Jaquan Elam

    thank you brother..this is motivation...

  • Tribe Of Gad 2020

    Keep Pushing The Truth My Brother