The History Of The Negro Wall Street - The Unforgettable Horrific Event Of 1921 Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jun 4, 2017

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  • Denise Harris
    Denise Harris 2 years ago (edited)

    My grandfather was 17 years old during the time of the 1921Tulsa Race Riots, and told us that he and his older brother had to hide inside the back of a wagon to keep from being killed by the angry mob of whites.  He said that it was the most terrifying experience he had ever been through in in his life, and he doesn't know how they were not killed.  For years he didn't like to talk about it because it brought up so many terrible memories for him--you could tell that it really affected him!  There has always been a conflict about the actual number of people that were killed, but many people who were alive during that time, report seeing what appeared to be hundreds of dead bodies being loaded up onto wagons, and many reports of bodies being dumped into mass graves.  Businesses were built over the top of some of the areas where graves were believed to be, and even an amusement and water park in one particular area.  During that time, there were black men who owned their own airplanes, and there were even plans for black business owners to start trading with other countries, that's how successful it was!

  • queban11
    queban11 2 years ago

    This terrorist act was Government sponsored!

  • Kiki White
    Kiki White 2 years ago (edited)

    Thank you for this presentation. This is why Blacks are prevented from having anything. They know we will prosper beyond them.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 2 years ago

    they had everything but the most Important thing a BLACK MILITARY to protect them and what they built

  • Renee Hardy
    Renee Hardy 2 years ago

    But they wanna scream white power. But they have no power. If it wasn't for our ancestors, they wouldn't have shit! I am woke and have been woke. This is pure jealously! They can't even take care of their own children without help from a nanny today!

  • RobinTheGurlWonder#ADOS
    RobinTheGurlWonder#ADOS 2 years ago (edited)

    I knew about this but not to this degree. My anger is beyond understanding right now. I've been discussing a plan to build a community center where black elders are able to talk to the young people about these kinds of situations. Of course white folks won't allow it. But until I can get something established, I teach the black teens in the high schools about it. I know I'll get fired for it 1 day. But until then...

  • Darrick Brisco
    Darrick Brisco 2 years ago

    There are still lot of our ppl who hv no idea that this happened

  • neobeta
    neobeta 2 years ago

    They actually tried to hide all this for years but the survivors told the story before they died to make sure it was never forgotten.

  • Free Thinkers Gang
    Free Thinkers Gang 2 years ago

    We had our own everything! EVERYTHING! And they took it away. So don't tell me that I can do for my own and I'm lazy again, because it sounds like ya white racist was the ones that were lazy. Ya was looting from our people who were prospering without you cowards! fuck white people!

  • JoanM Ferguson
    JoanM Ferguson 2 years ago (edited)

    Preach! Every race can talk about their holocaust; yet we are told to be silent. Well I can not!. Preach because the truth is standing on Two legs in their faces. We will not be Silence!

  • kd3m3chan1c Fury Taino Aborigine

    stop saying AFRICAN Americans they were not Africans .ABORIGINAL AMERICANs meaning descendents of this land.wake up my copper colored indigenous brothers and sisters

  • George Gilles
    George Gilles 1 year ago

    Never ask your enemy to love or respect you.

  • Queen Kee
    Queen Kee 2 years ago

    wow, my beautiful ancestors I admire your strength.

  • Khufu AmenRa
    Khufu AmenRa 2 years ago

    This is why TORNADOES will continue to punish the white communities of Oklahoma until justice and restitution is complete.

  • bassoonman2000
    bassoonman2000 2 years ago

    This is just one example of why our people have to get our heads out of the sand and get it together now. History always repeats itself and if we don't get prepared, this slaughter will happen again against our people and no one will step in to help. We must organize, stop telling the enemy our plans, stop investing in them and invest in us, take advantage of our second amendment rights, practice and study survival training and skills and prepare because the white militias have been doing exactly that for many years. Our ignorance will be our undoing once and for all if we don't wake up now.

  • Martin Terry
    Martin Terry 2 years ago

    I've read about the black wall street aka "little Africa" in tulsa oklahoma about ten years ago. I was shocked to have read that black people was wealthy and owned every business in the district back in the 1920's. it's very true, because they have plaques in Tulsa to honor the black business men and women who were there. in fact they still have a couple of houses still there that was own by black families. Just think about it grocery stores, theaters, churches, beautiful houses and cars owned by black people in the 1920's, amazing!

  • Gee Tee
    Gee Tee 2 years ago

    it's always been HIStory that's been told... now its time for OURstory to be heard!!



  • ashley hawkins
    ashley hawkins 2 years ago

    I do believe we can build again, we just need to out smart them

  • Ancient one
    Ancient one 2 years ago

    This brings so my RAGE!!! in my soul because it's still happening til this day but in a subtle scale