The Legend Of JADE SWORD (蜀山战纪2踏火行歌) - Episode 3 [Eng Subs] | Chinese Drama Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Oct 25, 2018

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  • Amber Li
    Amber Li 6 months ago

    yiingqi and yingnan are not siblings yess!! yess!! i wnt them to be together😇

  • Wong Zi Khong
    Wong Zi Khong 7 months ago

    why cannot watch ep 2 (sad)

  • Faye Simbe
    Faye Simbe 7 months ago

    "Rice ball" lmao....is so handsome😍😍😍😚

  • Fab Unicorn
    Fab Unicorn 1 month ago (edited)

    For the information of everyone:

  • Spaide man
    Spaide man 5 months ago

    surprisingly good acting skill, good background setting and editing. fun to watch.

  • let uhnisan
    let uhnisan 7 months ago

    Why thus the episode 2 can't play? 😢😥

  • Babul Aktar
    Babul Aktar 1 month ago

    Yingqui and Yingnan together looking so lovely,,,,💏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💖💖💖.

  • Moon Abey
    Moon Abey 4 months ago (edited)

    Yingqi not her real brother, hope uncle wang not going to use yingqi because of the stone

  • Jaye Lee
    Jaye Lee 8 months ago

    ☮️ made it going to enjoy this site ,

  • lako ma
    lako ma 6 months ago

    Damn full of ads

  • muno farxan
    muno farxan 2 months ago

    this lady seems to be a catalyst

  • Reginah Njoroge
    Reginah Njoroge 9 months ago

    Am back,keep them coming👌👌l love this drama,thank you.

  • Danely de Sapire
    Danely de Sapire 2 months ago

    Obrigad por tudo...

  • Ali ALI
    Ali ALI 2 months ago

    استمر يا زيه ياقندره 😂😂😂😢

  • Hriiziine Celine Celine

    Thank you for English subtitles, hope it will continue till the series end.

  • Nana Afia
    Nana Afia 6 months ago

    why do i have the feeling that the guy in her dream is not bai guyi but her brother yingqi

  • Ismaela Fanai
    Ismaela Fanai 9 months ago

    Thanks for upload engsub ...

  • Jp Etty
    Jp Etty 7 months ago

    Her bro is such a lovely guy 😍😢

  • Testa fLorita
    Testa fLorita 4 months ago

    Subtitle Indonesia Admin.. Please

  • Tygar Bhard
    Tygar Bhard 2 months ago

    Subtitles are out or sync and not well arranged but anyways thanks for the subs