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  • Published on Dec 3, 2018

  • ❄️ 'Trove - Higher than the moon' ↪︎ https://open.spotify.com/track/3WH8HT... Spotify Playlists: ❄️ Chill Nation: http://lnk.to/chill-nation ☀️ Sun Kissed: http://lnk.to/sun-kissed 💔 Missing You: http://lnk.to/missing-you ♫ Follow Trove https://soundcloud.com/listentotrove https://facebook.com/trovemusic https://instagram.com/listentotrove/ https://twitter.com/listentotrove?lan... ♫ Support Chill Nation https://nations.io http://instagram.com/chillnation http://soundcloud.com/allchillnation http://snapchat.com/add/chillnation http://open.spotify.com/user/allchill... 🚫 The music and the background in the following video are not free to use, if you'd like to use the music in this video, please contact the artist. ⚠️ These videos may cause people with photosensitive epilepsy to convulse in seizures. Viewer discretion is advised.


  • Tomorrow's Vibes
    Tomorrow's Vibes 7 months ago

    Trove is killing it lately. I'm sure he will blow up in 2019

  • James Carter
    James Carter 7 months ago

    Damn, this is tune gives me so many feels

  • Chill Nation
    Chill Nation 7 months ago

    interactive background for all the day one's 3

  • Mari Oliveira
    Mari Oliveira 7 months ago


  • Kaua Andrade
    Kaua Andrade 7 months ago


  • Ejay100
    Ejay100 7 months ago (edited)

    My girlfriend just broke up with me and I listened to this song now I’m happy😀😀

  • Thiago Nonaka
    Thiago Nonaka 7 months ago

    Acho que aqui ainda esta livre de BR !!!

  • Illumi Music
    Illumi Music 7 months ago

    Sky isn't the limit! ❤️

  • bk-x records 記錄
    bk-x records 記錄 7 months ago

    O H M Y G O D . . . . . P e r f e c t i o n 3 3 3

  • Justin Caruso
    Justin Caruso 7 months ago

    I kinda feel like im floating

  • BoyDoCS
    BoyDoCS 6 months ago

    2019? 2019? :v UP UP UP UP UP

  • Chrisville Beats
    Chrisville Beats 7 months ago

    When the groove is right! ChillNation!

  • Lizbohouse29
    Lizbohouse29 7 months ago

    OMG I LOVE IT!! Also what app do u use to make these videos?

  • a guy
    a guy 4 months ago

    This is the type of song they would play in forever 21 or some other popular clothes stores

  • Daniel Kesley
    Daniel Kesley 7 months ago

    Dezembro aeeeeeeee 🍷🎈😍😍💖❤🎊⁉

  • Antonio Degas
    Antonio Degas 6 months ago

    I am higher than the moon now. This video hypnotized me and it felt like that circle is drawing me into the moving background lol

  • House Nation
    House Nation 7 months ago

    this is so dope

  • movingvehicle movingvehicle

    if your a boss then you probably listening to this

  • Alina Brozmann
    Alina Brozmann 7 months ago

    I Love your Songs which are soll cool 😘😘😘💖❤😍

  • NukeCandy
    NukeCandy 7 months ago

    Your Visual background video get popular Goestee :D