Untold Truth About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - All Involved w/ His Assassination Came Out Publicly! Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jan 16, 2017

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  • Dane Calloway

    Read The Article -

  • Rich Boss

    Powerful work Bro.Calloway ❤001f4af

  • Andrew Alex

    Breaks my heart to hear Dick Gregory telling the reality of a Judas & co within MLK circle.

  • Orangeburg S.C.

    I am so hungry for knowledge and wisdom

  • Real Talk

    We need to file a class action suit against the United States

  • Mr TRAP

    I truly believe that Jesse was involved

  • Rocket The Racoon

    Dr. Martin luther king was dropping too much knowledge opening my people's eyes and that is why they killed him nothing more dangerous in this world than an intelligent black man

  • Tony Gunk The conspiracy guy

    All these so called black leaders were all puppets. All masons. All part of the game.

  • Cedric Hampton

    Drop the African American we aren't African

  • Queen RiRi

    Excellent video. Read the book An Act of State: The Execution of Dr. King, written by the King family attorney. It verfies everything brother Dick Gregory is saying in the video is true.

  • BlackMantis Foreman

    I still would like to know who took that picture after Dr.King was assassinated at that Memphis hotel....seems rather coincidental that someone would take a picture like that of someone killed! 001f620

  • Angelo Davis


  • The Real Evvonne

    "Only as I moved away so he could have a clear shot". DEVILS

  • Queen of Greatness

    I got off work today at

  • Dedon Brown

    king was talking reparation government had to take him out

  • Tone Malone

    I started listening to Dick Gregory about 3 years ago, I didn't get tired of listening to the knowledge he was sharing... He was the truth! R.I.P Dick Gregory!

  • Torace Johnson

    Now that I have see this video, I no longer feel that Martin Luther King had sold out his people. He was highly intelligence and had learn first hand what type of enemy he was dealing with. He also had the wisdom to know and learn that white man speak with fork tongues and when the white man put his name down on a piece of paper, it doesn't really mount up to anything. I have to believe he realize this, and was going to Washington, D.C., to set things straight and hurt white people where they hurt the most, in their pockets and wallets.

  • shyshotcaller27

    Oh my goodness. Just to think that the government went through this wicked plan to kill a man who only wanted the poor to be treated fairly...the news didn't talk about this...this same government is who the people put their trust in and young black men are signing up to join their military.....this is insane!!!

  • shaun lancaster

    Just think for 12 years but in your 12 years of learning in there corrupt designed brainwashing school system. They lie about everything especially with the true history of black people. I don't trust them folks knowledge is power keep up the good work Dave and to all my black people stay woke keep reading, learning and do the complete opposite of what you been taught in this white corrupt system.

  • just more