Untold Truth About Why THEY Get Away With CASES Against Innocent African-Americans Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jul 2, 2017

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  • West Coast Fuckerator

    A system can't fail people who it was never intended to work for.´╗┐

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop 1 year ago

    Like Malcolm X said it's time to stop singing and start swinging.´╗┐

  • Thokozani Nhlapo
    Thokozani Nhlapo 1 year ago

    As a young black South African studying the effects of white supremacy and its legacy ,I realise one thing . Caucasoids have not and will not stop . Infact their behaviours and attitudes have remained unchanged for the past few centuries . Conclusion?Until melinated people's unite and systemise our approach to dealing with these things ,nothing will change . We need our community militias and a constitution for ourselves in relations to how we deal with one another and most importantly how we collectively deal with our enemies . We can be victims for only so long,we need to talk in private and conspire to preserve our people the same way they conspire to superimpose white supremacy . ALUTA CONTINUA ...´╗┐

  • ashley hawkins
    ashley hawkins 1 year ago

    It pissed me off that they did this to us in the past, but it makes me even angry that we are still going through this´╗┐

  • Marx Mann
    Marx Mann 1 year ago

    blacks in America have guts to point guns at each other but will use marching for justice when they supposed to picked up machetes with Gilpins and go hunt these focking cowards down´╗┐

  • intoxxxicated2000
    intoxxxicated2000 1 year ago

    Give a white man a uniform, a badge, some weapons, technologies and a bunch of vehicles and he starts to think he's a god´╗┐

  • Jay Entrepreneur
    Jay Entrepreneur 1 year ago

    We have to understand that marching, voting, begging, complaining, and sympathizing hasn't and will NEVER work. It's time to get radical and do the only thing that white people respect and respond to... Declare war.´╗┐

  • RayRayGaming
    RayRayGaming 1 year ago

    Now I understand why the white man tells us to forget the past !!!!!´╗┐

  • Jessinta Charles
    Jessinta Charles 1 year ago

    Stop giving people your dna. There are also targeting DNA.´╗┐

  • Marques C Brown
    Marques C Brown 1 year ago

    My brothas and sistas.. He broked it down for us.. Now you know it's that time to protect ourselves "by any means necessary"´╗┐

  • RJW27
    RJW27 1 year ago (edited)

    My brotha, I have did my research too, and yes this is all true. But this has been the plan by White Americans/Europeans for centuries! POWER, CONTROL, ENSLAVEMENT AND COLONIZATION. Also stealing traditions and history by rewriting it . Also to keep people of melination powerless and not united!!´╗┐

  • Akbar Muslim
    Akbar Muslim 1 year ago

    I don't care what the white man tells you in my opinion we outnumber them in America already this is why they keep bringing in these immigrants to reinforce their numbers as honorary white folks no matter what country they come from even Africa´╗┐

  • Live Free
    Live Free 1 year ago

    Finally someone says it. The Dred Scott decision is still law. We are not considered citizens.´╗┐

  • Big Blak
    Big Blak 1 year ago

    I think they are going to try to bring back slavery.

  • Daimeon Woolfolk
    Daimeon Woolfolk 1 year ago

    And these people have the audacity to call us racist,(when their history is documented displaying vicious racist acts)´╗┐

  • Hiphop Maniac
    Hiphop Maniac 1 year ago

    I never trusted the cops. They are the real terrorist here in Merica´╗┐

  • Regina Bell
    Regina Bell 1 year ago

    is it okay to share your movies to social media because people need to know they not servicing and protecting everyone they are controlling and patrolling us´╗┐

    JAYBLUEINCPENS 1 year ago

    they ran his plates gun permit comes up, officers new he had a licenses to carry... this is the process of eliminations...´╗┐

  • plejaren giants
    plejaren giants 1 year ago

    They have us killing ourselves too. The CIA's genocide campaign against inner city minority youth is on. They bring the guns, drugs and gagsta propaganda into our neighborhoods in hopes that we kill eachother off and do their job for them. Good upload!´╗┐

  • InstruMental8
    InstruMental8 1 year ago

    thank you brother, this is an act of war, we also need to separate and come back to a NATIONALITY not a brand (black) a byword that our oppressors have given us´╗┐