When Fans Go Too Far - Top 10 Drag Queens from RuPaul's Drag Race Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on May 10, 2018

  • Horray kitty girls, we won! The video is back up again! For any of you that saw the name of Bob in the takedown notice, PLEASE CONSIDER that the video was actually removed by the Live Nation, the network that manages Bob's channel, NOT by Bob himself. You never know what could happen during a live show! Be sure to subscribe for more content every week. Please consider supporting us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TopRPDRvideos Follow us on Twitter @TopRPDRvideos If you like the video, please give us a huge thumb up and let us know what you think in the comment section below. This video was made in compliance with 17 U.S.C. § 107.

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  • Don Vu

    The girl screaming during Trixie mattel was seriously annoying

  • Christian Scott

    How bloody drunk do you have to be to think it's appropriate to steal a performer's money? FFS.

  • Nightfangfox

    The conversation in the comments here about straight girls in gay clubs isn't an attack on straight girls. It's an attack on straight girls who enter gay spaces and then expect it to cater to them. We don't mind straight people in our space, as long as they recognize it's OUR space, not theirs. The straights get the rest of the damn world, let us have ours

  • Bobo Baby

    girl u steal detox's tips and when u got confronted, you cried bout it? BYE

  • Thilda's Beinhaus

    The worst Fan gone too far was a video I've seen of alyssa performing in france and that one old guy was constantly touching her legs in a sexual way and when alyssa deathdropped that old creep even leaned forward trying to kiss her. It was the most disgustng thing I've seen happening to a Queen. :(

  • indueorder

    never understood the stigma behind straight women in gay bars until, well,

  • Michael Martingano

    I can't help but notice most of these incidents involve drunk white women...

  • nope nope

    Queens needs WAY better security, most people are just getting carried away and having drunk "fun", but someone can get really hurt, especially if someone is trying to hurt one of the girls. Protect the QUEENS001f451001f451001f451

  • 1GoldRunner

    When people forget that gay men...are still

  • arveen lmao

    sonique ENDED that man

  • mono

    wild how straight girls like to treat lgbt spaces like their playground/personal zoo

  • Jake Hoefer

    "My boyfriends mexican how can i be racist"001f602001f602001f602 love trinity

  • Leslie Zaremba

    It is always inappropriate to interrupt a performer, but just the thought of someone showing disrespect to Raven, Bianca del Rio or Detox scares the living crap out of me for that unfortunate idiot! 001f60d001f496001f483001f64b001f451

  • Susan Burris

    I'm a straight 53 old white woman who doesn't drink and treats drag queens with the same respect as the performers when I go to the ballet, opera, Broadway show, or concert. Some of us actually do know how to behave in public.

  • pinkishbangtan x

    “Emily, that so white”

  • lovinliverpool

    I can't believe someone would steal money from a drag queen on stage!!! That is beyond low

  • salem feathers

    I apologize on behalf of every drunk white girl.

  • Tango's Mom bell

    Straight girls need to respect the fact that gay bars BELONG to the LGBTQ community, and that they are guests. I firmly believe that the reason for the recurrence of super drunk straight girls is due to the fact that gay bars appeal to straight girls because they feel safe there. As a bi girl, I'll totally admit to getting sloshed at gay bars for just that reason when I was in my 20s. I'm absolutely NOT trying to justify bad behavior, just explaining why straight girls flock to gay bars and lose their heads. Straight bars are full of guys that are trying their hardest to get laid. They often get obnoxious, intimidating, or even downright scary, when a girl says they're not interested. At a gay bar, straight girls can safely dance and just have fun without being hounded. I just wish they would behave better, and not abuse the privilege of going to gay bars.