Why You Should Never Classify Yourself As An African-American - You're Not African Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Oct 13, 2017

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  • Dane Calloway

    I'm working on more content as we speak, so there is much more to come. Thank you to everyone for your much appreciated support! I humbly appreciate you all!

  • BMiles 84 Conscious Channel

    Powerful informative video!!! This goes to show how even africans look at us over here and they dont feel any connection to us. We were here already!!!

  • Eric Deshields

    So raven symone isnt so crazy after all

  • Maia Jones

    you are one deep, smart and intelligent brother I really love your videos they are so informative and I learned a lot from them thanks so much for taking the time to post them and giving us a history lesson on the truth

  • Robert Jackson

    The strong point is what is BLACK?, it's not a nationality in any way.

  • Rhonda Parker

    We are being exiled in our own land! smh

  • blood in blood out Ent

    This I true when I fill out jobs app I never say I'm African American I just put other

  • Robert Jackson

    You should start making DVDS

  • Maia Jones

    Be careful Dane Calloway you have two trolls in your comment section.

  • nefferteri2

    I have known for a long time that I am not black; I am a Blackfoot indian. My paternal great grandfather was chief to the Powhatan indians in Powhatan, Virginia; and my maternal grandfather was born on an Indian reservation in Newport News, Virginia. My father told me his people were not enslaved, because they were Indians. Powhatan, Virginia was an all Indian territory at one point in history. I am proud to know that.

  • Ay Jay

    Wow. This is amazing our African cousins know that we aren't the same mom is aboriginal American and my dad is Nigerian. They always have told me that same color doesn't mean same root now I'm starting to see the bigger picture!

  • Alma Blue

    An African who I knew for 15 years told me two years ago that , "We were not the same people."

  • Awake The RedPit

    i remember seeing my great grandmom when i was at least 4 years old and she had very long red hair and her skin tone was copper. My aunt and a few other family members took our family names of all of our 36 cousins and our children and created a true family tree on my mom's side of the family and its in a book in a Detroit museum. We are from the Cherokee tribe.

  • Since '84

    Our schools need history teachers like Dane Calloway. In my opinion you are the most knowledgeable historian available on the internet. We humbly appreciate your knowledge my brotha, keep up the great work!

  • Maxwell Campbell

    If Dr. Sebi is saying he's not African...... then its serious

  • Rufus Jones

    I actually had a Native American man tell me that I was of Indian descent. He was speaking to a group I was with in North Carolina. I was the only person of color with the group and he pulled me aside and told me. I knew my great-grandmother was Indian, but it was just family information. You show the biggger picture. I also now understand why I never had the real desire to join a Greek society. God was protecting me. Thank You! Your channel is uplifting as well as informative.

  • joejoe blackman

    I've been saying this since I was 16 in 1974. They've been bywording so called black people for centuries. When I was born in the late 1950s. We were colored. In the 1960s and 1970s we were called Afro American. In the 1980s Jesse Jackson accepted us being labeled as a people African American which is B.S. today

  • Sasha V

    Great work I'm glad Waka's interview is making waves I just hope people realize he's not on some race mission to disassociate himself from black people but just to let people know theses labels we have been given don't have a direct correlation with our race

  • Why you readin my name?

    The boule contacted me. They invited me to a Ceremony for my good grades in school. They gave me a trophy and my cat died on the same day of the ceremony. There was a black fraternity full of old black men sitting on stage. Once I found out they were connected to the freemasons. I threw that shit away. But the trophy literally says "Boule" I took a pic of it and it has a spinx on it. I am only 19. It's hard being my age knowing this stuff cuz ppl think ur mentally ill.

  • Beloved Nikki

    I LOVE MY PEOPLE!!!!... WE ARE SO UNIQUE. 001f606001f603001f60d001f600